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Project Description
Calculate travel time when traveling through different timezones. When traveling by plane across several timezones, and only a departure time and arrival time is given, but no total travel time, TravelTimeCalculator will easily compute the total time taken to travel from A->B->C.

I recently booked some airline tickets that will take me to various places on earth and through a lot of different time zones. The information they printed out for me only contained the departure and arrival times in the various locations' local time zones. i.e.
  • Depart - London - 12:30
  • Arrive - Toronto - 15:00
Although the flight is actually 7:30 hours long.

I searched the internet for an easy way to calculate the time it will take me to travel between these two places, given only the departure and arrival time, and the corresponding timezones. I had no luck!

So I decided to quickly throw something together.

How it works
This application allows you to add different dates and times and specify in which timezone each of those dates fall. It will then calculate and display the time it will take to travel from all the date and times you added, to the next date you added. At the end, it will calculate the total traveling time from the first date to the last date.

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